Education and Community Outreach

Education Materials

The role of the Community Education program is to provide accurate and timely information to the public regarding health implications of disease transmitting pests, District activities, and general mosquito prevention. Dissemination of information is accomplished through using a variety of techniques to reach a target audience. These techniques include news releases, television, radio, newspapers, print material, presentations, and direct mailers.

The landscape for mosquito control is a constantly changing environment as new technology and legislation challenges us to provide the public protection from mosquito-borne illness. Communication is key in developing community support to reduce mosquito populations and the diseases they carry.

Community Events:

Education Materials

The District participates in various community events each year. These events strive to educate the public about West Nile virus, mosquito prevention, and District services.




School presentations

The District offers a fact filled 5th and 6th grade presentation that incorporates PowerPoint along with hands-on samples for children to view. The free sixty minute long presentation is science/ecology and health related. Our objective is to inform children about mosquitoes and  ticks. We encourage active participation in vector prevention and safety. Curriculum is developed to meet State Education Guidelines. The display material and presentation is design for one or two classes at a time. There is no fee for this service. Split classes of fourth and fifth grade are welcomed. Please see the adjacent video for a brief example of the presentation for elementary school.


Display Board

Adult/Community Presentations

These presentations are designed to inform and update the public in all aspects of mosquito surveillance, control and prevention. Community groups of 15 or more people can call the District to schedule a presentation. 

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