Inspections for Aedes aegypti, the yellow fever mosquito: Maps below

Throughout the next few months, our staff is going door-to-door in all seven cities, asking to inspect around homes and properties. Why? We are looking for mosquito breeding sources. In particular, Aedes aegypti, the invasive yellow fever mosquito. We ask that you please cooperate with our staff. The inspections are used to suppress this aggressive mosquito.

District personnel wear tan and green uniforms with our logo on the shirt. Each person will have a District-issued identification badge. We urge residents to remove all standing water and unnecessary containers around their homes and report daytime biting mosquitoes to the District. To view the video of “What to expect and how to prepare” during an inspection, watch this video:

Contact us for any questions by calling (209) 982-4675 M-F 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. We are closed at lunch from 12:00 p.m. to 12:30 p.m.

District Technicians Uniform: Tan shirt with logo, name, and flag on shoulder, green pants and ID badge.

Areas Identified for "Door-to-Door" inspection the month of July, 2024. Inspections will take place as staff is available during normal business hours, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Please check back periodically for updated locations. 

  • Portion of Northwest Tracy: >North to Henley Parkway, >South to Bridle Creek Ct., >East to Bridle Creek Ct., >West to Lowell Ave. See Map
  • Portion of Southeast Escalon: >North to Coley Ave. and Jackson Ave., >South to Main St., Reile Ave. and Vine Ave., >East to Brook St., >West to Franklin St. See Map
  • Portion of West Escalon: >North to Yosemite Ave., >South to 1st Street, >East to McHenry Ave. & Hwy120, >West to Brennan Rd. See Map
  • Portion of South Stockton: >North to Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd., >South to E. 9th Street, >East to U.P. RR tracks, >West to S. El Dorado St. See Map
  • North East Lodi: >North E. Century Blvd, >South to Perlegos Way, >East to S. Cherokee Lane, >West to Blue Jay Way See Map
  • Portion of North Ripon: >North to Shasta Ave., >South to W. Milgeo Ave., >N. Ripon Rd., >West to Fulton Ave. and Arc Way See Map